Help the Elderly and Children by Becoming a Social Worker

Help the Elderly and Children by Becoming a Social Worker

Do you want to have a fulfilling and rewarding career? If so, social work might be the right fit for you. Social workers also have a very positive impact on their community.

If you want to enter this field, you will need a social work degree. Luckily, you can get your degree via the internet in only two years, according to a report from the Social Work Guide. [1] With this degree, you have a 99% chance of getting a high-paying career. Other reasons why should consider getting an online degree are listed below.

Social Work has Excellent Job Opportunities

This is a very challenging profession, but a rewarding one as well. Social workers help people of all ages and backgrounds overcome a wide variety of problems.  Thus, there are many job opportunities available, but we’ll list some of the most common ones.

1. Child Welfare: Inspecting possible child abuse and helping provide safe housing for children.

2. Direct Service: Working with specific-purpose agencies that help shelter homeless youth, offer gang youth programs, etc.

3. Gerontology: Helping the elderly and their families overcome the challenges of getting old.

4. Public health: Ensuring patients in medical institutions get proper care, helping with difficult decisions and looking out for the patients’ rights.

According to PayScale, [2] the average yearly income with bonuses can be up to $49,576. You can get an even better salary if you choose to work as an in-demand social worker or in a more challenging position.

You Can Make A Difference

No matter the specific position, a social worker has an important job. Whether you are taking care of children or adults, you will be doing an outstanding job for a whole community. You will be helping those who need it the most.

Your job will be to protect those who are most vulnerable. You will help not only to improve peoples’ lives but to save them as well. Your work will improve many lives including your own.

How Do I Choose Which Type of Degree I Need?

You have two options: bachelors’ (BSW) and masters’ degree (MSW). A bachelor degree will get you started and later during your career you can gain a masters’ degree as well. Most job positions require just a BSW, so there is no need to get the MSW right away. A BSW gives you all the knowledge you will need to work in any social work field.

For more specific career paths you may need an MSW. The MSW gives you detailed knowledge of one field of specialization. MSW provides you with the opportunity to work in schools, hospitals or as a teacher. Upon graduation, you may be required to pass a licensing exam to start working legally.

Improve Your Community by Becoming a Social Worker

A social work degree allows you to have an everyday impact on all the people within your community, so make it a positive one!

If you have decided to take this path, but aren’t sure what area would best suit you, that isn’t a problem. You can always start by earning your BSW. This way, you can explore different areas of social work until you find yourself completely satisfied with where you are.